The Private Company Draft Tool For 1846 Games

Welcome to DRAFT1846.

This is version x of DRAFT1846.

DRAFT1846 is a utility for play by email 1846 games. This utility mediates the private company draft phase of 1846. It was written to be used with BOARD18 but it should be usable with any Play By Email 1846 game.

DRAFT1846 uses email messages to pass control from player to player.

The next page displays a form in to which the names and email addresses of the players should be entered. For less than 5 players, it also displays a selection box which should be used to indicate the unused privates.

After you have adjusted the number of players, if necessary, please press the "Start the draft setup" button to continue to the next page.

After providing the information on the next page, please press "enter". This will cause DRAFT1846 to validate the entries and create a database table entry for this draft. It will then send an email to each player to verify the entered email addresses. When all players have replied to these emails, the draft will be started.

PLEASE NOTE: The private draft in 1846 occurs in reverse player order. But the players should be entered on the form on the next page in the same order that they are entered on the spreadsheet, that is in the normal game order. DRAFT1846 will take care of reversing this order in the draft.